How RCM Works in Company


There may be who have never heard the term of reliability centered maintenance, or better known as RCM. But for those who had never heard of you also do not need to worry because here I will talk a bit about this term. RCM is known as a process that is used to determine what should be done to ensure the equipment can function according to the expected function in the operation of the executable.

After learning a little understanding of RCM you also begin to understand how it works. Here I will give an explanation of the steps to take to run RCM. This is of course very important, especially for large industrial enterprises which involve a variety of equipment to run its operations. One of the companies that use this kind of work is Sewatama.

Sewatama is a company engaged in the electricity sector includes services and products to other power. RCM relation to Sewatama by providing care services with RCM system to all major industrial enterprises receipts lot of equipment in it. By using the services of Sewatama the company’s performance in the industry will go smoothly because all the equipment always get the care and maintenance on a regular basis.

As for some of the steps taken by Sewatama in using the method of reliability centered maintenance in the ministry. From the selection of systems and information gathering followed by the definition of system boundaries are done to find out what is included in the operation.

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