The efficiency and the quality of electric energy


Knowingly or not, one of the problems that hampered the efforts of energy efficiency which the Government is the absence of respect for the quality of the electric power sold by PT. PLN. during this time, electric power is only judged on quantity alone, or based on the number of energy kWh used by consumers. While the quality of the electrical energy was never incorporated into the calculation of tariffs.

In any area across Indonesia, struck an electricity rates the same. Difficult and expensive as well as the ease and cheapness attempts are made to evoke PT. PLN electric energy never enters into the count. So also with the quality of the electrical energy that is enjoyed by consumers, rose – the decline in voltage, often – the lack of blackout, does not differentiate the magnitude of the price to be paid.

With the inclusion of electric energy quality is not in the determination of fares that make people reluctant to perform network maintenance, as well as due to their inability to deal with the question of electricity. Moreover, electricity rates for the size of the economy of Indonesia is priced relatively cheap masyaraskat. So that there is a community just simply leveraging dibenak electrical energy to their needs, without regard for whether the quality of the electrical energy they get already meet the quality.

Because the power grid is not terawsat, the result that appears then is no terdistribusinya electrical energy properly, the amount of power released much larger power plants of electric power consumed by the public, so that the energy efficiency campaign that is exhaled by the Government seems to pass.

For the public user electric energy on a small scale, the energy quality issue may not be your issue, but it is not the case with the world of industry that consumes electrical energy on a large scale. Mismatch between the electrical power used by the tariff to be paid into a separate issue because the value of rupiahnya is not a little.

With poor quality is still aware of the electrical energy supplied by PT PLN due to lack of maintenance of the quality of the network, then the world industry’s need to do independent efforts to make improvements to the electrical network in the system environment.

To that end, the presence of Sewatama is urgently needed, given the PT Sewatama Resources by business lines Operation & Maintenance has the ability to perform maintenance electricity network from upstream to downstream. Services that can be provided by the Sewatama include operational and maintenance services for power plant end-to-end, from the operational services and maintenance daily, to provide services to the management of fuel sources as well as the maintenance of a pro-active, pereventif and repair. In fact, the Sewatama also provides maintenance services for specific equipment in case after case.

Therefore, it is not wrong if it is said that Sewatama is one of the solutions from the energy efficiency efforts in the industry. (*)


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